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Make a difference in the life of Chicago Youth Programs Youth!

Thank you for helping us to make a long-term difference in a child's life, one child at a time!

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We are fundraising for Chicago Youth Programs!

For over 35 years, Chicago Youth Programs has strived to assist youth out of poverty long-term by helping them build skills through childhood while providing mentoring to make safe and healthy life decisions. CYP's support continues through their completing the college or trade education necessary.
This past summer, CYP returned to in-person programming, which has helped many youths since 1984 beat overwhelming odds to escape poverty through success in higher education and careers.
The years of remote, suboptimal education dynamics have added to our families' struggles. CYP's proven effective curricula are designed to give youth the opportunity to learn critical concepts specific to their grade and restore interpersonal skills.
Your support will help CYP fully revive our comprehensive programming, give youth a chance to catch up on educational milestones while rekindling socialization skills, and help us reach the increased number of youth in need of our personalized, effective approach.
For more information about CYP, contact: Kathleen Jackson, Donor Relations/Development Director, @ or 773.493.4053.